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[#11] "When sin still exists: Half hearted commitment"
God deserves our very best.  After all He gave His very best for us, Jesus.  We must strive to please God in all things.  We should make every effort to stay away from sin, and to obey all of God's commandment.  Why?  If we always give our one-hundred percent, our absolute best in following God's Word, we eliminate the chance of falling into the trap of only serving God with a halfhearted commitment.  A halfhearted commitment simply means you are not completely dedicated to something.  You are " kind of " committed, or make " some " effort but do not give your absolute best.

[#12] "The arsenal of satan"
Satan has spent all of his existence trying to be God. He is not God however, he is not even close, and he will never be. For those who are confused about where their inspirations and ideas are coming from, a deeper study of the Bible is needed. Knowledge is power, and lack of understanding is due to a person's lack of knowledge in the Bible. The Bible will teach you how to decipher between God's and Satan's voice.

[#13] "Forgiveness will set you free!"
Unforgiveness will destroy you more then anyone else. Unforgiveness will cripple your spiritual walk altogether! Look at it this way: when you refuse to forgive someone, no matter what the reason, you are building resentment and hatred in your heart. When you put hatred in your heart it will replace love, just like fear will replace faith if you let it. Now remember faith works by love. If faith works by love then how can faith work when you are full of resentment? It simply cannot. If your faith isn’t working and your prayers aren’t being answered most will then blame God, when in fact it is a product of their own actions. A simple thing like unforgiveness can eventually lead you away from God all together.

[#14] "Alcohol: what's the big deal?"
The consumption of alcohol has been debated by our societies throughout history. Many churches today avoid the topic because it is so controversial. While this is true, I have decided to discuss the consumption of alcohol by Christians. It is my standpoint that education on the topic, what the Bible has to say about it, is much more informative and instructive then not dealing with the subject at all out of fear of what other Christians may “think”. Making our decision on what the Word of God says is much more important than making decision based on the opinions of others.

[#15] "Let's get serious"
We must come to the realization that Christianity goes far beyond belief. It’s not only believing in God, Jesus and the Bible that makes you a Christian. Believing and accepting God, Jesus and the Bible as fact, truth and reality is only the first step. Doing, following what the Word of God says, is the second. It is the combination of believing and doing that makes you a true Christian. Let’s remember that the word “Christian” means “follower of Christ.” The phrase “follower of Christ” dictates action! Follow Him, don’t just believe He exists.

[#16 "The falling and redeeming of man"
In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, they were perfect. Genesis 2:25 states man’s perfection and innocence: “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” Understand that where there is no sin there is no shame. It was not God’s intention for Adam or Eve to die at all. They were created perfectly, and were in a direct connection and relationship with God. At this point they were not subject to death.

[#17] "Christian character"
What is “character?” Character is the inbuilt complex of attributes that determine a person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions. In other words character is the total quality of a person’s behavior. Character is revealed through our habits of thought and expression; our attitudes, interests, actions, and personal philosophy of life. Christians today should be the roll models for the rest of the world when it comes to character. In fact, we should not only be the roll models for character, but everything else too!

[#18] "Let God take over"
As we know, life has its ups, and it has its downs too. Many of us today however seem like we are more down then anything. The pressures of life sometimes seem to build up until we feel like we just can’t take it anymore. Things like financial problems, relationship trouble, lack of time, and the fast pace of life can send us into stress overload. Well I say its time to turn things around! I want to enjoy a life of abundance and stay happy, don’t you?

[#19] "The Bible VS the world"
The Bible is a collection of books that reveal the mind of God, the state of mankind, the way to salvation, the destiny or fate of sinners, and the joy and security of believers. The doctrines in the Bible are Holy, its histories true, and its decisions undeniable. The Bible contains light to direct you, and comfort to help you. The Bible is our spiritual supplies, our map, our compass, our shield, and our sword. Jesus Christ is the Bible’s ultimate subject, the light of this world and our only doorway to salvation.

[#20] "A new beginning: 2004"
Learning from our mistakes is important. Learning from our past or present mistakes allows us to avoid making future ones. Take time to look back at 2003 and evaluate your successes and failures. Use 2003 as a guideline for 2004. Maybe you’ve learned everything not to do from 2003, or maybe you have learned what to do. You may need to make small changes or possibly big changes this year. Either way learning from our past is the key to a successful future. Always remember to learn from your past, not to live in the past. It’s time for a new beginning!