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[#31] "Our precious words"
Scripture tells us that whatever is truly in our heart comes out of our mouth: “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” (Luke 6:45) If goodness is in your heart then your mouth will speak good things. You will bless and not curse, you will speak righteousness and not wickedness, you will speak love and not hatred, you will speak faith and not fear and you will speak peace and not disorder.

[#32] "The light of this world"
The light of Christ in us is not something to keep in hiding. It’s not something to be ashamed of, and we shouldn’t be afraid to let it shine. We are to be beacons of light shining before men and women, drawing them closer to us, so that we may offer them hope in Christ. We should let our light shine and bring glory and honor to God. Being a light, being a Christian, is not something that is to be kept a secret. Rather it is something to be proclaimed! So when someone asks “are you one of those religious people?” No, you proclaim, I’m not just religious, I’m a servant of the living God!

[#33] "Quenching the fire: anger"
Anger: it’s something that every single one of us has experienced on more then one occasion. Anger is an emotion of instant displeasure on account of a real or supposed grievance. In other words anger is a feeling of irritation, annoyance or frustration towards a person or situation. Anger is just one of many complex emotions that make up who we are. Today I want to explore anger from a Christian perspective and bring clarity to this often complicated and misunderstood emotion.

[#34]"Walk the walk, talk the talk and preach the Gospel!"
If you are not living a Godly life and you’re trying to preach the Gospel, you are confused and need to look inward first before attempting to help others. A backslidden, self-righteous Christian is exactly what the body of Christ doesn’t need. My friends, a backslidden Christian, or a Christian living in sin must not try to teach others what they cannot do themselves. Doing so will turn others away from Christ, not bring them to the Lord.

[#35] "Prayer, faith & our covenant with God"
Prayer is powerful, prayer is decisive, and in fact prayer is necessary. Prayer unfortunately, is understood by many to be a highly complicated or sophisticated technique of getting the Almighty to hear us. This is not so however! Prayer is letting God know what’s on your mind. Prayer is asking God for something you want or need. Prayer is thanking God for His mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love. In other words, prayer is simply communication with God.

[#36] "The state of the backslider"
The main reason Christians backslide is because they are not rooted and grounded firmly enough in the Word of God to take a faith stand against the principalities and powers operating in the high places. As to why Christians fail to become rooted and grounded, well, there are numerous reasons. 

[#37] "God do you hear me?" (Part 1)
Due to the fact that none of us here on earth are perfect, it becomes challenging, if not impossible to understand the thought processes and actions of one who is. The only way we can form an accurate portrait of who God truly is and how He works is through that which He reveals about Himself to us. God reveals Himself to us through His written word, prophets, prophetesses, visions, dreams and other supernatural encounters that He allows us to see or take part in.

[#38] "God do you hear me?" (Part 2)
God does not think anything like we do. God’s reasoning is far more complicated and superior than our minute intellect. In fact His reasoning is perfect. In our mortal minds and thinking we don’t even scratch the surface of God’s unfathomable, immeasurable knowledge and wisdom. We are not omnipresent or “everywhere at the same time” like God is. We cannot see the future like God can. God always knows what’s best for us, and it is His will that all of us live victorious lives in Christ, Jesus.

[#39] "Fasting" (Part 1)
The desire to fast starts when one longs and hungers for more of God’s direction in their life. Occasionally one will fast for God’s direction or blessing in someone else’s life. Regardless of the reason, fasting is willfully turning away from physical food because of a growing appetite for more of God’s presence. Fasting is refraining from fulfilling your fleshly desire to eat so that you may satisfy your spiritual hunger and quench your spiritual thirst. A truly balanced diet consists of both spiritual and physical food. “… Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4 NIV)

[#40] "Fasting" (Part 2)
When you decide to fast, always begin with prayer. Declare and communicate to the Lord your reason for fasting. Determine a fixed length of time for the fast but above all things listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit when making this decision. If you haven’t fasted before don’t try to fast for great lengths of time right away. Start slow and increase times gradually. Fasts can last hours, days or weeks depending on what God calls you to do. I am not a medical expert, therefore if you choose to fast for long periods of time and are on medications or have a history of health problems consult a qualified medical professional’s advice first.