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Letter 1: "Godly living"

To my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

I first and foremost pray in the name of Jesus that your eyes may be opened, your understanding increased and your spirit encouraged by this letter. I pray for your continual growth in Christ, and submission to God. Know that I am believing with you for victory over your hardships and boldness in your faith walk. I pray that you allow Christ to complete the good work He began in you. May you be strengthened and rejuvenated by God’s Word and may you receive divine revelation from the Holy Spirit concerning your life.

Dear friends, above all things in this life seek the truth. Truth is light, and by light wisdom is revealed and acquired. There is no wisdom in darkness because where darkness lies light is absent, and where there is no light there is confusion.

Where there is darkness and confusion there is no truth. Darkness flees from the light; the two cannot occupy the same space. Just like darkness flees from the light, so does wisdom flee from darkness, and darkness from truth.

There is but one truth, and one hope and both are in Jesus Christ. The world hates Jesus because the world is in darkness and darkness is offended by the light.

Darkness does not understand the light. This is why the world does not understand us who walk in the light, Christ, our Salvation. Those who have rejected Christ, and therefore the light, fight to extinguish it. Praise God that their efforts are in vain, for Christ has been raised from the dead and now seated at the right hand of the Father has become an inextinguishable light that will shine forever and ever.

Friends, all who have received the light and stand up for truth and righteousness will be persecuted in this world one way or another. Remember however that by suffering persecution for Christ you are honoring God, and God will honor those who honor Him. Take heart; know that your persecution has not gone unnoticed by God and He will richly reward you for your suffering.

The time of the Lord’s return is drawing near; therefore we must examine ourselves daily. Keep the laws and commands of the Lord written on your heart. By living out the commands of God we confirm that we are truly in the light. A man or woman’s actions reveal what is truly in their heart. Be blameless before God. Keep God’s commandments however always bear in mind that we are not saved by the law, but by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. The law can only condemn, it cannot save.

Keep up your guard and do not become lazy in the Word for Satan is ready to swallow you up even as you read this letter. For us who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ, Satan continually sets up temptations and tribulations as stumbling blocks to delay our covenant promises from God. We are at war! As a soldier or Christ, which you are, you must be prepared and alert at all times.

You must always wear the armor of God and be ready to wield the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. This being said, flee from gossip, flee from sexual sin, flee from pride, flee from bitterness, flee from unjust anger, flee from doubt and cling to faith; flee from sin. Satan, who is the chief thief of all thieves and liar of liars, wants your soul! I am confident however that you will put your life in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ who has already overcome the devil.

There is great power in the body of Christ; the church. Do not be deceived, Satan fights day and night to keep you from a spirit led church. Once a branch breaks from a tree does it continue to live? No, it withers and dies because its nourishment came from the tree, not itself. In the same manner, the ones who separate themselves from the church will spiritually suffer. Don't you know that our spiritual death is satan’s first business? If God is our Father shouldn’t we live in His house? Take refuge in the house of the Lord your God, for judgment is coming upon the world and those caught in the world, which is the house of satan, will share in the world’s fate. Contemplate these words carefully. I warn you, find a church that is led by the Spirit of God. Remember the body has many members with many different functions; you were created to be an active functioning member of the body of Christ.

Do not love this world or the things of this world. Remember that all things in this world will perish. Do not seek the riches of this world; rather seek the riches of God’s kingdom. Do not misunderstand me; God is not against you having riches in this life, just riches having you. Always, with each decision, bear in mind that this earth and all that is on it shall pass away. This life is but a hiccup in light of eternity.

Do not be quick to believe everything that is proclaimed in the name of Christ. There are many anti-christs who walk among us now teaching false doctrine. Remember to test the spirits. There are many today who claim to be messengers of God, but few of them truly are. Therefore, be careful in who you trust. Test and prove all things to be true; judge all things in accordance with the Scriptures.

Again, relentlessly peruse the truth with all your strength. Know however that truth, light and wisdom all come from one source; God. Therefore do not only seek wisdom, but seek the author of wisdom. Do not only seek light, but seek its source. Do not only seek truth, but seek the one who established it. For if you diligently seek God first in everything you do, you will automatically receive truth, light and wisdom.

Finally friends most importantly, concerning salvation, do not only seek salvation, but seek the Savior. In Christ sow your trust, in Christ reap your joy, and in Christ dwell forever.


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