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Oh our God is an awesome God! Every single day He is present in our lives pouring out His mercy and love. God is always healing, delivering, redeeming, rewarding, restoring, and strengthening! Our Heavenly Father loves us, and it’s His will for us to be living victoriously. How do we know God’s will? God’s will is in His Word.

As believers we should be giving glory to God for the miraculous works He has preformed in our lives. One of the best ways to do this is to a share a testimony with others about what God has done for you personally. If you’ve been healed, delivered, restored, rewarded, redeemed or strengthened; if God has shown up in your life in any way or used someone else to be a blessing to you, please share your testimony with us!

Let us and the world know what the Lord has done for you in your life! Your testimony will not only give glory to God, but will also be a blessing to others and strengthen those who may be enduring trials and tribulations.

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[# 1] "God always has a plan" - By Karen Canadian flag
There is no one greater than God! First, I thank God for accepting me into His eternal plan. Second I thank Tim McMorris for pushing me to pursue God. Here's my story: It was God who pushed Tim to seek me. One day while working with Tim he told me that the Holy Spirit was moving him to speak with me... (View entire article)

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