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“What is so important about Christianity? Why should I change my life? Can becoming a born again Christian really make a difference in me?” These are all questions that many people have today. Deciding whether or not to become “born again”, or “reborn” through Jesus, is the single most important decision you will ever make throughout your life here on earth.

Firstly, “what does ‘born again’ mean?” Born again means that you are made a new creation in Christ Jesus. When you accept Jesus into your heart, when you accept Him as Lord and ask for His forgiveness (for Jesus is the Son of God, and only through him can you reach God the Father) you’re literally given a new spirit man, and your old one is no more. “Therefore if any man (or woman) be in Christ, he/she is a new creature (creation); old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.” (II Corinthians 5:17) You may not feel any different, however you have become a partaker of eternal life!

So “why is it important to become born again?” It is critical to become born again because if you are not reborn in Christ, you will not see heaven. There is a heaven, and there is a hell, you must understand that. If you have not acknowledged and accepted Jesus as Lord, if you have not asked for forgiveness for your sins, if you reject Christ, you will see hell, eternal torment. Hell is complete separation from God. God is love, God is joy. Can you imagine not even having the capacity to be happy ever again? In hell, you will not be capable to feel joy for anything. Hell will be a very lonely and eternally depressing place.

Christianity provides the most reasonable explanation for the world and life that’s upon it. We humans were the ones who failed God, God didn’t fail us. We chose to rebel against God by sinning (Adam & Eve) and because of that sin we have alienated ourselves from God. Now because of our sin our lives feel restless and unmeaningfull. We’re constantly seeking the meaning of life, which is really just a way back to God. The only way back to life (eternal life) is by God. Why? Simply because God does something for us that we cannot do for ourselves: He forgives us. That is why we must ask for his forgiveness. We must repent for our rebellion and accept God’s forgiveness in Christ Jesus. This is the very reason that Jesus died as our substitute, so that we may be forgiven and saved.

“Why have others refused Christianity?” There are many reasons.   The hearts of some have been deceived; they're eyes have become blind to the truth because of the evil workings in this world.  Many have refused Christianity because they are simply uneducated. I’ve asked others if they believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible and they say “No. It’s just a made up story.” Then I ask “have you read the Bible for yourself?” Then answer is many times “no.” How can one not believe in God, Jesus, or the Bible and its teachings, when they haven’t even checked out its claims nor have any proof to contradict them? Deception, lack of knowledge or understanding, the unwillingness to have or walk by faith, the unwillingness to accept the truth and the unwillingness to test their current beliefs are reasons some reject Christianity.

Many won’t accept the Bible as truth because they love living a life of sin. They lust for the sinful things of this world and are in bondage by Satan. Many have been mislead into false religions. Any religion on earth can be studied through its forms and functions. There are similarities in worship and rituals in many religions. There are many similarities in expressions of meaning and value in many religions. This does not mean that all religions are of equal value. This does not mean that there are many paths to the same God. Remember that anything that is original can be copied. Satan wants to keep us in bondage to sin, and separate us from God. To trick you and keep you trapped in a false religion on earth until you die is his goal.

“How do I become born again in Christ Jesus?” The Bible says to first repent for our sins and believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is simply done by prayer (in faith). (Click the link at the bottom for a prayer of Salvation)

Consider your afterlife very carefully. Is taking the chance of not accepting Jesus worth it? How would you feel, when you die, if you got to the gates of Heaven, but were refused entry? Take a stand, refuse sin, and accept Jesus into your heart. For those who live their life righteously, great will be their reward in Heaven. However for those who have lived in sin, great will be their punishment. Finally remember, God is big enough to forgive any sin! Surrender the things of the past, and start your journey on the path to eternal life today!

To accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior please click here.

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