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God deserves our very best.  After all He gave His very best for us, Jesus.  We must strive to please God in all things.  We should make every effort to stay away from sin, and to obey all of God's commandment.  Why?  If we always give our one-hundred percent, our absolute best in following God's Word, we eliminate the chance of falling into the trap of only serving God with a halfhearted commitment.  A halfhearted commitment simply means you are not completely dedicated to something.  You are " kind of " committed, or make " some " effort but do not give your absolute best.

It is true that when you first make a commitment to Christ it can be very difficult.  Eliminating some sins from your life can take time.  However, as long as you stick to your commitment to Christ, and are truly making an effort to eliminate those sins, you will overcome them!  Be aware that Satan wants to pull you into a trap of deception however.  An example of this is using the excuse that you're trying to make a change in your life, but know deep down you're not making hardly any effort to change or better yourself at all.  This type of person is deceiving themselves.  They might read the Bible now and then, say they believe in God, and even go to church once and a while, but the problem is they are letting their love of sin, whatever it may be, keep them from moving forward.  Also remember that sin isn't just things like stealing and murder, but laziness, pride, or conceit too.  When you begin to deceive yourself (because of Satan) that's when half hearted commitment begins to take place. 

From here a person will both stop growing spiritually and stay stuck in that same place with the same problems, or they will backslide or go back to their old ways.  You can't expect to get good results from anything when you only put half an effort into it.  It's really laziness.  Take the first shuttle to the moon for example:  Do you think N.A.S.A just drafted up a design, built it, put men inside and launched it right away?  No!  They did all sorts of tests, and preparations including ones in space.  They did tests in zero gravity and many other things.  The shuttle probably wouldn't have left earth if they didn't.  They didn't only put half an effort into their project, they were committed.  The same applies to the followers of Christ.  If we don't put our all into following the Word of God, then we will not get much accomplished, and yet worse Satan will make sure he has his way with us.

Satan deceives in many different ways.  He also likes to use a feeling of false security: time.  Satan will give you the idea that you have lots of time to change.  "Why change now, when you can do it later?"  Following that idea will just lead you into a dead end, literally.  You see, you have to understand that what Satan wants to do is keep you away from God as long as he can.  If you're not focusing on God, then he is happy because he has you distracted.  The more you are distracted the easier it is for him to meddle in your life, keep you sinning, and keep you from looking back to God ever again.  Another deceptive, time related thought is: "I'll just keep sinning for a little while, so I can still have a good time, but I will stop eventually, or when I'm older."  This is almost the same idea as above but more so illustrates the thoughts of someone who has a halfhearted commitment to Christ.  Notice it says "I will stop eventually, or when I'm older."  You can see there that there is some intention to change, but you know as soon as Satan hears "eventually" he will try to make it "never"

In contrast to this a truly committed thought would be: "I am going to do whatever is necessary to rid my life of all sin."  You see, in the last statement there is not room for discussion.  You have decided absolutely that you will take whatever steps are necessary for you to eliminate all sin from your life.  Understand that everyone sins.  Even if you have eliminated sin from your life there will be a time when you will sin again, but God forgives!!  Especially when he knows you have made a commitment and you will continue working to improve yourself by following his Word. 

Finally again remember that sin separates us from God.  We can't reap any of the benefits or blessings that God has promised us when we are compromising the commitment (and covenant) we made by repetitively sinning.  Sin will get you into deep trouble.  It will bring you all kinds of problems.  If you're practicing a half-hearted commitment to God, don't be surprised if you eventually begin to doubt Him.  "Maybe God doesn't want to help me. I have prayed for so long, and my prayers still haven't been answered, God must have meant something different in His Word."  God doesn't fail, and His Word does not fail.  If something isn't happening it's either because it's not promised in scripture, God wants things differently for a reason, or because of something you are, or aren't doing. 

Failure in prayer or in another area of your life is not because of something God is or is not doing.   If you've realized that you have made a commitment to God, but are not giving it your best, you must recommit yourself and start giving one-hundred percent.  Don't leave any sin in your life to condemn you.  What if Jesus returned tomorrow?  Think about that for a moment.  Do you feel that your life has been right in God's eyes recently?  A good way to understand this is if you are not ready for Jesus to return as you are reading this right now, if that idea fills you with anxiety or even makes you question yourself, then you must make some changes in your life.  Don't wait another second.  Don't assume you have a lot of time to change.  It doesn't matter what your friends, or anyone else thinks.  It doesn't matter what they say about you for making a change in your life because what they think and say is between them and God, not you and them.  Jesus said "Judge not, that ye be not judge." (Matthew 7:1)  They are the ones going against God's Word, and remember it's your soul that's at stake!

Don't allow yourself to be put in a position to be held accountable for whatever sin remains in your life.  Go to the Word of God about it.  Read what your Bible has to say about any problems you are having.  If you don't have a Bible, then take the steps to get one.  We must take action now, and become rooted in the Word of God.  When you are rooted and grounded in the Word of God, it will keep you from sin.  Why?  Supernatural knowledge is true power.  When you have the know-how to do it, all that's left for you is to take action!  If you put God first, He'll put you first.

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