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Success, health and happiness truly depend on our ability to stop Satan from interfering with our lives. If Satan and his demons weren't in this world and mankind didn't fall, there wouldn't be any evil. Man did fall however and there is definitely a Satan. He is very real, and is very dangerous if you do not understand how to eliminate him from interfering with your life. Satan is the inspiration behind all evil. It may be the human who commits the act of evil, however the inspiration, the motive, it comes from the devil. Just like those who do good, the inspiration is from God.

There are however many people on both sides of this that don't know where their inspiration is coming from. Some believe it comes from their own decisions, but don't understand that its either God or Satan who gives you the desire. Others have come to the understanding that their inspirations are coming from God or the devil they just can't figure out which one. This can be dangerous because when you’re not sure where your inspirations or ideas are coming from Satan can trick you into believing something is coming from God when it's not. An example of this is the murderers who claim God told them to kill people. It was in fact not God, but Satan who told them to do it.

Satan has spent all of his existence trying to be God. He is not God however, he is not even close, and he will never be. For those who are confused about where their inspirations and ideas are coming from, a deeper study of the Bible is needed. Knowledge is power, and lack of understanding is due to a person's lack of knowledge in the Bible. The Bible will teach you how to decipher between God's and Satan's voice. The Bible teaches us to know the voice of our Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible shows us how to keep from following the voice of a stranger, the devil. Jesus is the Shepherd of Christians, and we are his flock. We must learn to know and recognize his voice so that when Satan comes along to trick us we are prepared and know what choices not to make.

Understand that when I say "voice" I do not mean an audible voice, though many have heard audible voices. I am talking about the voice that is inside you, but don't get this confused with your conscience. You do have a conscious; these voices however are the quiet whisperings inside yourself. An untrained mind and spirit would not even decipher between your conscience and the whispers of God or Satan. You must exercise your "spiritual muscle" to be able to decipher these inner whisperings. Your spirit grows in the same sort of way your muscles do, by being exercised. When you exercise your spirit it will grow, and so will your understanding of things. Leave your spirit inactive however, and it will go into a recession.

You exercise your spirit by reading and doing the Word of God. If you seriously and diligently make an effort to read and follow the Word of God you might be surprised how fast your spirit will grow. Soon discerning between the voice of God and Satan will become easy.

Now it’s one thing to discern Satan's inner whisperings, however it’s another to stop him from interfering with your life. The continual success of your life, in all areas, truly depends on your effectiveness at stopping Satan from interfering. This is because Satan will destroy you one way or another if you don't stop him. There are many different ways to destroy someone's life. Whether it be by loss of loved ones, depression, lack of success, frustration with life, failure, alcoholism, drug abuse or something else, Satan wants to see you suffer.

Also remember that there are other less obvious ways Satan can destroy you. An example of this is material possession and greed. Look at some of the most rich and famous people on the planet who materially have it all. Many of these people are one-hundred percent missing out on God, the one thing that really matters! What good are material possessions after you are dead; they will not save your soul. Follow Jesus instead however and you will reap everlasting life. After all, all things on this earth are temporary. Your house, your car, your computer, everything you own, it won't matter anymore after you leave this world.

Another dangerous trap to fall into is disregarding Satan altogether. If you believe Satan doesn't exist, he has nearly won already. This is really Satan’s first priority; to deceive you until death without accepting Jesus; to trick you into believing that neither he nor Jesus exists. If Satan didn't exist then the evils of this world would have to be blamed on God, and evil does not come from God. Evil is a product of Satan and choices, wrong choices. Satan chose to rebel against God, that was the creation of Evil.

To effectively stop Satan from interfering with your life you must understand how he works and know his arsenal. One good thing about this is that Satan never changes and he always uses the same tricks. This is not to say however that recognizing them will always be easy. Firstly one of Satan's best weapons, especially today, is fear. Look at terrorism for example, it’s a tactic completely based on fear. Fear of the unknown and unpredictability is what much of North America is gripped by today. Fear of economic recession, fear of sickness and disease, these are all fears that Satan works through. This is because fear will absolutely stop your faith from working. If you let fear get a hold of you it will eventually cripple your faith altogether.

Many people are letting fear literally stop them from going about their daily lives. I'm not saying there isn't some times which we should be cautious, however God has promised protection to those who follow His Word. If you let fear waver you faith in God however, you then truly become vulnerable. This is where Satan wants to get you. The Bible tells us this: "For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything from the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." (James 6:6-8) Fear will try to cancel your faith.

Thankfully the power of love can eliminate fear. For "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment." (1 John 4:18) The solution here then is to fill ourselves with so much love that there isn't any room for fear to exist anymore. This is done by following what is written in the Bible; by purposely performing acts of love in your everyday life. 1 Timothy 5:1-2 tells us to "Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren; The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity." In other words "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." (Galatians 5:14)

We are to love everyone else even as we love ourselves. That includes our enemies too! That may take time, however the Word of God will help this happen. Sometimes loving someone will be harder then hating them, however nothing is impossible to God, nothing. Operating in love means to do things in life out of love for one another; helping here and there; giving someone a little money if they need it. Just small things will help your faith grow. Even cutting your neighbors grass! Another important fact about love is that faith works by love; that is why love is so necessary. Love will make your faith soar. Every time you act out of love your faith gets a little bit bigger. By continuing to do this you will eventually be so full of faith and love that fear couldn't get in there if it tried.

Trials and tribulations are another one of Satan's weapons. He will test you. He will try to push you to your limit, so much that you will even forsake God. Trials can come in many different ways. They can be financial trials, trials in your marriage, trials at your job, trials with your friends etc. There are countless ways Satan will try to get to you to doubt God and lose faith. Satan wants you to feel that you are always stuck in the same place, that you’re going nowhere. That no matter what you do you cannot get out of the rut you feel you’re in.

The devil wants you to feel lost, like you don't know what you are doing with your life, or even know the purpose of it. He tries to keep you in bondage to failure. He tries to keep you so distracted on the burdens of your life that you feel you cannot possibly reach any goals you have set for yourself. Satan wants to frustrate you to the point that you will get physically sick from all the pressure you’re under, however know this: God is ALWAYS there. He hears every prayer; He knows all your troubles.

We have to realize that God will not pull us out of the storms in life, but he will guide us through it. God will help us accomplish things we never thought we could. We have to rely on the Bible, God's Word, because the Bible is what helps navigate us through this trouble. The Bible is our compass. Also know that just because it sometimes feels like we have lost control, doesn't mean that God is not in control. We were really never in control to begin with. Always know that. We don't have control, but we have responsibility.

Finally time is another of Satan's weapons to look out for. This may be one of his most deceptive weapons of all. Satan will use time to delay things in your life; to slow progress. His intention is to aggravate you, to frustrate you, to make you ask God why things are taking so long.

Time can cause you to start doubting God. Many will start saying "well maybe God doesn't want me to have this" or "God just doesn't work like I thought, I must have misinterpreted the Bible somewhere." Other than Revelation, the Bible is very straight forward. Satan wants you to have doubts. After all doubting is your faith wavering. When your faith wavers, your faith doesn’t work. Read the Bible; learn what God has to say about success. Always remember, even if you knew all of Satan's tricks, only the Word of God can stop Satan from interfering with your life. When you have Satan under control and continue to follow the Word of God, success then becomes inevitable!

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