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For those of us who consider ourselves Christians, its time to get serious about what Christianity really is. Too many people today have a superficial idea of what it is to be a Christian. They claim to be Christian however their standard of Christianity is: believing there is a Jesus, believing in a God, and believing in the Bible. While these things are all good they are plainly not enough. Being a good person, going to church every Sunday, being baptized and taking communion is not enough by itself, although all of those things are done by Christians.

We must come to the realization that Christianity goes far beyond belief. It’s not only believing in God, Jesus and the Bible that makes you a Christian. Believing and accepting God, Jesus and the Bible as fact, truth and reality is only the first step. Doing, following what the Word of God says, is the second. It is the combination of believing and doing that makes you a true Christian. Let’s remember that the word “Christian” means “follower of Christ.” The phrase “follower of Christ” dictates action! Follow Him, don’t just believe He exists. Also remember the great commission: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned." (Mark 16:15-16) He is saying “Go! Move! Take action!"

Action is absolutely necessary to get things accomplished and to please God. It doesn’t matter if you read the Bible 10 times and memorize it front to back if you never act on the knowledge you have. By not taking action, the information becomes useless. For example: if Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, decided to instead simply talk about his invention and not build it, what good would it have done? So then what good does it do for us to proclaim we are Christ followers when we in fact do not follow His written instructions? Simply claiming Christianity will not save your soul, don’t be fooled. Now if another person took Bell’s idea for the phone, built it, and made it a reality they would reap the reward. From this we can learn that we may think we are saved, even talk to others and help get them saved, but in reality are really not saved ourselves.

Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, asking for forgiveness for your sins, and following God’s commandments in life is what will guarantee your eternity in heaven. Do not be confused that action alone can save our souls either. Remember that we are saved by grace through faith: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith; and that not from yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9) We cannot earn God's forgiveness through works that is an impossibility. Why? We could not possibly even come close to God’s standards.

Another problem which must be resolved in our Christian lives is that of Church. We must go to church. While it is true you can be saved without going to church, church is still a very crucial, very necessary part of following Christ. If Jesus is your Lord and you are His follower then why would you not go to the place He has purposely established as “His house”? The church is there for you to learn, praise, worship, thank, give tribute and grow in the ways of God. It is an important thing to find the “right” church. A right church firstly is a church that preaches Jesus Christ. If it doesn’t preach the gospel, then turn and run. Remember when looking for a church or switching churches to beware of Satan. Satan wants to keep you out of church if he can. When he can, Satan likes to keep people moving from church to church looking for a permanent home but never finding one. The enemy will work very hard so that it eventually appears that there is no church around for you. If you get this idea, don’t believe it. Some do fall into this trap and give up on the idea of looking anymore. They give up looking for a church and make no honest effort in finding one.

At this point Satan will try to focus your attention on the things of this world. He will make it seem that you have so many other problems going on in your life that you don’t even have time for church. You might even forget about church altogether, and that is what he really wants. Money problems, sickness, depression, lack of success, guilt from sin, he will use all these things and more against you to try and get your attention away from church. Now for some it may be things like money, but some are secure financially. So for those people it will be some other sort of distraction. The fact that he is trying to distract you still remains however.

If you are a beginning or baby Christian you must find a church. If you are an advanced Christian and have not been going to church you must find a church. There will be excuses upon excuses that many people have. The fact of the matter is, the “reason” you left the old church is irrelevant. What we must do is stop making excuses for not going to church and take action. What’s stunning to me is how little faith many people have in God. Whatever happened to asking God for guidance when it comes to finding a new church home? Is the creator of the universe and all that is in existence not capable of finding someone a new church home? Church is the backbone for our faith, because we receive faith by hearing the Word of God. Church is where the Word of God is preached. Many times when a Christian becomes separated from a Church their faith dwindles until finally their lifestyle begins to change to the point where Christianity is simply the title they give themselves and proclaim to others.

Think about this seriously now: if you have made church a low priority, you are making God a low priority. Why do so many of us expect things from God when we put Him at the end of our lists? I tell you if you make God a low priority, don’t expect to be high up on His list for blessings. This isn’t to say that the ungodly and “lukewarm” Christians won’t get blessed, for God blesses the just and unjust. What this is saying is that if you make God your number one priority, He will make you His number one priority. These days we have time for TV, computers, movies, music, sports, work, we can cram everything we can into our day, but at the end what gets pushed to the backburner? God is put last. This must stop and God must become first priority. When you wake up your first thought should be God, and you should thank Him for another day of life! A day should not start without first acknowledging Him.  In addition a day should not end without acknowledging Him.  God is the reason we are living and breathing friends! Let’s get serious about being the “followers of Christ” we should be. Let’s take action now!

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