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2004 is here and I’m excited about what God is going to be doing in the world this year! I am convinced that this year we will see even more of God’s manifestation in the Earth. I trust this year we will see greater anointing on believers to effectively spread the gospel around the world.

Before we let 2003 fade into the past however, there are first some things to consider. As the years go by, we should be learning. Many “wise” men and women are wise simply because over time they have learned from their mistakes. First of all everyone makes mistakes. If there is someone out there who has never made a mistake please let me know so you can take over this ministry. Quite often you will find that the most intelligent people have made the most mistakes.

Learning from our mistakes is important. Learning from our past or present mistakes allows us to avoid making future ones. Take time to look back at 2003 and evaluate your successes and failures. Use 2003 as a guideline for 2004. Maybe you’ve learned everything not to do from 2003, or maybe you have learned what to do. You may need to make small changes or possibly big changes this year. Either way learning from our past is the key to a successful future. Always remember to learn from your past, not to live in the past. It’s time for a new beginning!

A good way to start this year is by renewing your mind to the Word of God. When you first accepted Jesus as Lord your old spirit man died and you were given a new one. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17) It’s good to remind yourself that your old spirit man is no more. You are not of this world any longer; you have a reborn spirit and you belong to the Kingdom of God. Remember, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” (John 3:6) Therefore because you are now born of the spirit, put away the things of the flesh once and for all. Take a stand against sin.

Staying away from sin is absolutely crucial. Sin is the number one thing that will destroy your Christian walk. We must keep our spirits fed by reading the Word of God, the Bible. We must keep our spirits fed by listening to the Word of God, going to church. Keeping your mind renewed to God’s Word is what will keep you free from sin!

Learn and practice to be a living example of the Word. Practice what you read and preach to others. Eradicate hypocrisy from your life, Satan loves a hypocrite.

In 2004 remember the power of prayer. Prayer is communication with God. If God is on your side who can possibly defeat you? Have faith in God, and put Him in control of your life. Practice praying and knowing instead of praying and hoping. Remember God’s promises, and pray using God’s promises. If it’s promised in scripture then it’s guaranteed.

Keep pushing forward to new heights and new challenges. God wants our knowledge to grow. God also desires a very personal relationship with us. A greater manifestation of God’s presence in our lives will only happen when our knowledge of the Word and our obedience to what is says both grow together. As knowledge increases so should obedience.

This year strive to be happy. I say that happiness begins with a choice. Don’t let the devil get you down. Refuse Satan whenever he tries to put an obstacle in your path. If he tries to create a storm, go see what the Bible has to say about that situation, and then take a stand. Take a stand on the Word of God and refuse to be defeated. Put on the full armor of God! (See Ephesians 6:11-17) Remember if God is for you, then not even Satan has a chance.

Practice love. Take on the characteristics of love in your life (forgiving, benevolent, helpful, compassionate, humble, faithful, patient, merciful, courteous etc.). What you give out will really come back to you! Not only that, keep in mind faith works by love. (See Galatians 5:6)
Find time to have fun this year! Get outdoors, exercise, and practice stress relief. Our bodies need to be maintained as well as our spirits. Our bodies are the vessels through which God’s Word is delivered. We can’t follow Jesus’ great commission ("Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...” (Mark 16:15)) if we can’t even maintain our own health.

Prepare for the storms in life before they arrive. If you look at Jesus He was always praying and fasting. Jesus would pray and fast before any troubles arose. This way by the time they came, which He knew they would, He was already prayed up and fasted up. He spoke His word, and it prevailed. We have that same authority through His name. If we prepare for the storms before they get here, victory will be achieved much easier. When people live in areas with frequent tornadoes they build storm shelters before the tornado happens. You don’t see them outside trying to dig a hole and build one while the tornado is already above their house! So why do we wait until the last minute when it comes to the storms in life? We should handle the storms in life the same as the tornado and be prepared.

Finally, this year share the Word of God. Tell others about Jesus. Tell them what He’s done and continues to do for you! There are many hurting people out there who are in desperate need of the Word. Those same people will take anything they can get. Some people will only have one chance to hear about Jesus. Some people will not be saved unless you act! Don’t ever be afraid to preach what you’ve heard or something someone else has preached. God doesn’t give us revelation through the Holy Spirit so we can keep it to ourselves. It’s not some little secret for us to treasure. The Word is the Word, it’s always been around and it’s free. If anybody tells you different ignore them because they don’t have a clue what they are saying. If you hear a good message somewhere pass it on. If something strikes you from one of these letters share it, use it.

Above all things I wish 2004 will be a year of prosperity, health, happiness, and growth in the ways of God for you. Let's make 2004 our best year yet!

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