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After His resurrection, (before His ascension into heaven) Jesus gave a great commission to His disciples. He charged them to go out into the entire world and spread the gospel to all of mankind. “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” (Mark 16:15, 16)

The gospel is the good news of Christ’s unquestionable truths concerning himself, the Kingdom of God, and salvation. His command was not just for His immediate disciples, but for all believers. Therefore, it is our obligation and duty to witness to the unsaved in this world. To witness means to give testimony, or evidence for an event or person.

In our case we are to witness or testify of Christ: His earthly ministry; what He said about the Kingdom of God, the miracles He performed, what He said about salvation, His second coming and His eternal rule at the right hand of God the Father.

Successfully witnessing to others can many times be a painstaking task. The most important thing to remember when witnessing to someone is that it’s you who does the praying, but it’s God who does the changing. Many Christians get frustrated with the unwillingness of nonbelievers to accept the truth, which seems overwhelmingly obvious to the one witnessing.

Witnessing Christians many times forget to pray for others, and instead endlessly bombard unbelievers with scripture, parables, examples, and testimonies which often times turn out fruitless. We must remember that sometimes all we can do for someone is pray, and let God do the work inside them.

We should look at ourselves as spiritual farmers: our initial job is to sow seed, the seed of life, which is the Word of God. Remember that the farmer does not control the weather, therefore he cannot control when the seed grows. In our case, we must let God take over after the seed is planted and trust in Him. We may not be able to manipulate the conditions in order for the seed to grow and flourish, but remember, He can. Our duty as seed sowers must always end in prayer.

Talking the talk:

We must understand that before we can help others we must first help ourselves. Once we are rooted and grounded in God’s Word ourselves, it is our mission to use the knowledge we’ve obtained to expand the kingdom. It’s our job to help others become rooted and grounded in God’s Word as we are, so that they themselves may teach others.

This is the way Jesus intended His Word to be spread. Thank God for the obedient men and women of the past, for if they chose to not go into the world and preach the gospel, you and I would not have heard it today.

In order to “talk the talk” of a Christian, you must know what the Bible says. You must not only know what the Bible says, but you must understand it. This is why we go to church. We go to church to, among many other things, bring light and clarity to complex scriptures.

If you are claiming to be a Christian, and you’re not in a church, I urge you to find one quickly. The time we are living in right now is not the time you want to be outside the body of Christ. If you’re not in church, make a commitment to finding a good one. Does the true disciple of Christ not have time to dwell and worship in his master’s house?

“Oh the church is just a bunch of hypocrites”, “All they want is your money”, “I don’t get along with the people there”, “I don’t like the music they play”, the excuses go on and on. Stop listening to the devil’s lies! There are always going to be evil people trying to ruin anything good. You know church is a good thing because the devil tries to mess with it so much. As for the people who complain about the music, we are not at church for the music, we are there for God and His Word!

First priority: Get a Bible, read daily, even if just a few chapters and find a good church. Find a church that preaches Jesus Christ. Find a church that teaches the uncompromised, undiluted Word of God. How do you know which church does that? Well you have to read the Bible for yourself, and then you’ll know if a church is taking part in heretical or false teachings.

Now as for the Bible, people claim all the time that they’ve “read” or “tried” it, but maintain it didn’t do anything. It’s not that they tried the Bible and the Bible didn’t work however, it’s more the Bible tried them and they didn’t work. These people didn’t understand what they read. We must know and understand the Word of God to bring light to the lost. Reading the Word and not understanding it is like having an oil lamp without oil in it; it’s useless. We are the interpreters of God’s Word to the lost. You can’t bring light to something you don’t understand yourself.

We must know and understand scripture. I’m not saying you have to bombard someone you’re witnessing to with scripture however. As a witness, as a teacher, it is our job to know the material we’re teaching.

If you don’t know scripture, don’t pretend that you do. I have been in debates with others who have tried to make up things that were in the Bible! If you haven’t studied the Bible yourself, you can be led astray by these people. This is why many have been lured into cults. Teach what you know, don’t try and teach what you don’t know.  Sometimes the answer "I don't know" is the best we can offer.

Walk the Walk:

To be an effective witness, you must live the life you are preaching. When you witness to someone, they don’t only listen to your words, they watch your actions. People pick up on hypocrisy very quickly, and credibility is essential to effectively witness to others. You must protect your credibility; remember you have a vicious enemy and he knows your credibility is valuable.

If you are not living a Godly life and you’re hypocritically preaching the Gospel, you are confused and need to look inward first before attempting to help others. A backslidden, self-righteous Christian is exactly what the body of Christ doesn’t need. My friends, a backslidden Christian, or a Christian living in sin must not try to teach others what they cannot do themselves. Doing so will turn others away from Christ, not bring them to the Lord.

Now this isn’t to say we should not preach and teach if we sin. All of us will sin, and certain levels of hypocrisy will always exist because we are not yet perfect. When we sin, we are to repent in sincerity and turn from evil; this is the way it is to be. We then simply keep striving for righteousness and excellence in the eyes of God.

You sin, you repent, and you fight to eliminate evil from your life; this is not hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is teaching one thing while knowing very well there are issues in your life you haven’t made right with God yet.

Preach the Gospel:

Once you know the Word, and you’ve been living the Word, you’ll be an effective, fruit bearing evangelist. More then anything, an evangelist must learn to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Remember the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth (See John 16:13), and the Spirit of truth will never lead you astray. If you’re already walking the Christian walk; if you’re practicing what you know and teach others, the Holy Spirit will be actively operating in your life. The key is tuning in, listening and doing as He leads.

Christians often wonder why it can sometimes seem impossible to win someone over to Christ. Some “give up” on people believing that Satan has too much of a stronghold on them. This is not necessarily true however. Many times it seems impossible to win someone to Christ not because they are “too far gone” but simply because we are not in tune with or being guided by the Holy Spirit.

The motivation of many Christians is right; they truly desire to win souls for Christ. Sometimes however they are not being led by the Holy Spirit, thus it’s the timing that isn’t right. Again, we must remember it is God and God alone who makes the pathway to the heart clear and ready to receive the message of salvation. Many times we will witness to people when the opportunity isn’t right. They will hear the message, but it doesn’t “click” and it doesn’t “stick”.

When you are being led by the Holy Spirit you will be often times be led to witness to someone whose heart has already been prepared to receive the gospel. Therefore before you witness to others ask God to guide you; ask to be led by the Holy Spirit. Ask God to prepare the heart of the unbeliever. Ask for wisdom: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” (James 1:5)

Desire to help others, just as others before our time have desired to help us. Give your all for God, and God will give His all for you. Continue to talk the talk: speak faith words and teach faith teachings. Keep walking the Christian walk: walk by faith and not by sight, trust in God wholeheartedly, abide in His love and avoid hypocrisy at all costs. Finally friends, preach the Gospel! It’s Jesus’ command; it’s God’s will, and it’s our responsibility!

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