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Dear Jesus,

From my childhood you have known me. Before I even knew your name you loved me. Before I took my first breath you died for me. Your love is infinite, your compassion immeasurable, your understanding without comparison and your mercy eternal. My Savior, to you I owe everything.

When I didn't believe in you, you still believed in me. Though I rejected you, you continued to encourage me. When my heart was hardened against you, your love never grew cold. When my actions deserved punishment you granted me mercy. When I was surrounded by darkness you pierced it with your light. Though I was defeated, you came and set me free.

Life on earth can be full of disappointments, but you have never let me down. What my enemies have broken, you have rebuilt and restored. What they have stolen you've blessed me with double. When they've falsely accused me your Word has strengthened me. When they've knocked me down, you've been there to catch me and set me back upon my feet.

Thank you, dear Jesus for opening my eyes. Thank you for helping me to see the truth. I am forever grateful for the gift you've given me, for I have now inherited, a blessed eternity. The devil is relentless in his wickedness. He continually sends forth demons to tempt, test and discourage us who you have called. Even so, you have fully equipped us to succeed. You have not sent us into battle to be defeated; you have sent us to carry forth the victory that you have already established.

Father, how wonderful you are! There is no on as great as you! Your very breath gives life, your Word is trustworthy and assured. Your domain lasts forever. What you establish cannot be destroyed. What you determine cannot be changed.

Your ways are just and true. In you lies peace and safety. Your words are a resting place for the weary; in them I take refuge. You are mightier then all. Who can rebel against you and succeed? Can the created contest the creator? Surely not! You have reserved for the wicked the darkest of pits. Surly the Day of Judgment is coming and the wicked will not escape.

We have an enemy, but he is already defeated. He is crushed under your foot; snapped like a twig. Your righteousness always prevails. Your plans always succeed, who can deny you? The light of your Word is brighter than the sun; it lights the path of the righteous and repels the wicked. Oh Lord, Your love is unsurpassed! Though we remained in our sins, by your blood, you redeemed our very souls from the pit of hell.

I cry and you hear me. I call and you answer me. When I am alone you comfort me. When I am saddened you lift me up. In my darkest hours you are there; you never leave my side. Even in my nightmares your name has rescued me. What I cannot do alone, I can trust you to guide me through. You understand my suffering; you've gone through it yourself. You have lived as a man on earth and have walked in my shoes; there is nothing you do not understand!

Only the foolish deny your truth. Their eyes are veiled in darkness. They walk gladly into a trap; they are ignorant of the swift destruction that awaits them. They embrace evil and deny the truth. They delight in darkness and curse the light. They live for the night and shut themselves in during the day. What is good they call evil and what is evil they call good. They do not know your name and speak evil against all who do. They laugh when warned of your return.

Yet, they will not laugh forever. Mockers will become weepers and scoffers will become screamers. Their darkness will be revealed. As your Word says, every secret shall be made known. Those who once laughed in wickedness will bitterly cry in judgment. Those who persecuted us for your name's sake will be eternally punished. The proud will be brought to their knees. Surly those who defy the way of truth will not escaped destruction. Your Word shall come to pass; blessed are you Almighty God, forever and ever!

The evidence you have presented the world cannot be contested. Your Word is clear and undeniable; even the most uneducated can grasp your gospel. In fact it is many times man's education that blinds Him to your wisdom. I pray Lord that you continue to open our eyes. Let many more souls come into your kingdom. Let your spirit be poured out upon the earth. Let men and women fall to their knees in genuine repentance.

I am forever grateful that you have called me to yourself, and that I am in your care. My hope is in you. My trust is in you. My peace and rest are in you. Lord you, are my eternal Salvation.

So dear Jesus, this letter is to simply say, with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength, I love you.

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