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God's Plan (your choice)

God is one-hundred percent in opposition to Satan in every way. God is love, joy, peace, light, hope and life. Satan is hate, sorrow, destruction, darkness, fear and death. The same applies to God's plan; it is the complete opposite of Satan's plan. First of all realize that God loves you more then you could imagine. God loves you with the same love that He did Jesus! We know this because Jesus said it Himself in a prayer to the Father before His crucifixion:

"And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me." (John 17:22-23)

God gave His true and only begotten Son for you. We do not know what all of God's eternal plan entails. We do know however what His main plan for us here on earth is, and what happens directly after death. God wants to grant us happiness, hope, peace, prosperity, love and much more here on earth until finally granting us life; ever-lasting life; eternal life. God is continually perfecting us to ultimately be (after death on earth) what He intended us to be in the first place; perfect beings, in a perfect loving relationship with Him.

We were in perfect relationship with God until we sinned (Adam and Eve). From that moment on we were all born into sin. Mankind became sinners because of a choice that was made. God did not fail us, we failed God. Now for us to fulfill God's will of being remade into perfect beings, we must first Give our lives back to God by accepting Jesus Christ as the only risen Lord and Savior.  Faith in the shed blood of Christ and His resurrection is the is the saving power of God.

Our lives must reflect the work God does in us; we must the walk according to the rules and laws that God has set in place.  We must turn from wicked sinful living, repent, and live righteously by relying on God's power and grace alone.  Why is being saved so important?  Plainly and simply, our soul is at stake.  There is a choice that has been set before us: "Choose life or choose death."  God's (eternal) plan is a plan where fear, pain, suffering, corruption, and evil do not exist is us or around is anymore. When you look at it very simplistically, if you are not for God, you are against Him.   If you do not want heaven, there is only hell.  Just like Satan is the opposite of God, hell will be the complete opposite of heaven.

Let's look at an example now to better illustrate why following the laws of God are so important. Take into consideration the "law of gravity" for a moment. We know that the law is there, God put it there. We know that if we were to jump off a building that law would take effect and we would fall. If you were to purposely jump off that building you shouldn't blame God because you fell, though some would try to. It was your choice whether you jumped or not, and your choice controlled the outcome of the situation. You were already aware that the law of gravity was in place, and common sense would tell you not to jump.  If one were to say "I don't believe in gravity", does gravity then cease to exist?  No, denying something will not make it untrue.

The "book of the law" or the Bible works by the same principals. God has given us proof; we have His law in writing. He tells us what happens if we obey him, and what happens if we rebel against Him. Whether you follow the laws or not doesn't change the fact that they exist and are in motion. We have a will, we have a choice. We can choose what we want to do and who we want to follow.

God will not give us the blessings He wants to if we don't allow Him too. God will not force His will upon you.  God will not make you do anything you don't want to do. It's up to you and I to decide whether we want the blessings of God here on earth, along with eternal life when we leave. You and I have the choice to either get on board with God's plan or reject it.  If an employer offered you a job and you told them you weren't interested, but then later changed your mind because you later realized its great value, is it then their fault that you're not working for that company? No, it's a result of a choice you made. So then if a Bible, the Word of God is set before you and you decide not to believe or follow it, is it then God's fault that you won't see heaven? No, once again the consequences were a product of your choices.

Remember now that God is a God of love. God loves each and every one of us. His plan has room for all of us, however it doesn’t mean that we will all go to heaven. It means that we will all have to choose whether we want to go there or not. Now, because God is a God of love, we should be a people of love. Not only should we be concerned with our own eternal fates, but the eternal fates of others as well. Here on earth we are really one big family, and we should be trying to help one another, not trying to hurt one another. God loves you and I the same, and He wants us both to be with him.

Friends, the only way for us to be with God is to accept His Son that He sent to earth to die for us. Jesus was real, and He died as our substitute. This great man (who is also God in the flesh) loved us so much that He resisted all the temptations of sin, just so He could be the perfect sacrifice. Jesus was beaten, spit upon and murdered for us, He loved us that much. Think about it. If God went through all that trouble to send His Son because He wants to save you, hell must be an unimaginable place of sorrow.

God does not want us there and that is not a part of His plan for us. Hell was first created for Satan and his demons, however now hell is the plan we have adopted for ourselves. Let's wake up to the truth and reality of Jesus today. Let's embrace the love of God; let's embrace the divine plan He has for our souls. Let's help others to see this light and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus will be returning soon, it's not too late to change, however time is running out! Engrave your name in the book of life today by accepting Jesus as your Savior and Lord today!

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