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Christmas under fire

Some call it a culture war, others say it’s a power struggle; regardless of how we refer to it, it has become evident that there is a battle going on right now in North America.  Christmas is under fire.

Christmas is under fire for one reason and one reason only; by this celebration the Lord Jesus Christ, who the world rejected, is glorified.  Through Christmas Christ is celebrated, honored and brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Indeed there is a great spiritual war going on right now in North America, and what we do in this hour is going to determine the near future of this great continent. 

Jesus Christ is the true light that gives light to every man, woman and child. (See John 6:9).  Christ is also the light that exposes the sin of every man, woman and child.  For this reason all that have rejected Him as truth despise Him. 

There is an evil spiritual move of Satan taking place right now to systematically remove anything to do with God, the Bible, Jesus or Christianity from the public domain.  He wants us to be a little assembly of bitter, loveless believers meeting in our little groups and churches who mind their own business and keep God out of everything we do in society.

The founding fathers of Canada and the United States understood that it was necessary that God be woven into the very fabric of our societies for them to truly remain free.  It is Him that holds our nations together.  If you begin to remove God from society and make Him something separate, I tell you that a free nation and continent as we know it will not and cannot exist.

There is no true freedom outside of Jesus Christ.  Many who wish to follow the sinful desires of their heart cry out that they are not free; that they are prohibited from fulfilling what they truly want.  These people, the ones who have been perpetual slaves to sin, fight to destroy the law of God written on the hearts of those who believe.  They try to put away the Word that was given to us because they suppose that once it is out of the way then they will then have true freedom to do what they want.

I tell you however that if it was not for the Godly men and women of North America that this continent would never have been free to begin with.  The Bible says that “…the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (also translated freedom).” (2 Corinthians 3:17 NKJV)  Look at the lands of the world that have rejected Jesus Christ; where the Spirit of the Lord isn’t.  In many of them there is continuous war and bloodshed with no peace in sight.  Disease, famines and all types of afflictions rule the land.  Many of these countries are controlled by warlords with an iron first.  They rule by the way of corruption and fear and the people continually suffer while the leaders live in the lap of luxury.  The people do not have a voice and they do not have the right to exercise any choice.  Poverty is abundant and justice is rare.  Is this the life you want?  Certainly not!  The supposed freedom that the slaves of sin cry out for is in reality the perversion of what God calls freedom; it is the will of the devil, and if they truly realized what it would be like if Satan had his way, they would never desire such a thing.

As a nation begins to reject Christ things will progressively get worse as their rebellion continues.  Things do not begin with a great state of disaster; as a people turn their back on God so does God turn His back on them.  Many European countries have now turned their back on Christ and their trouble is coming, in fact in is at their door.

The devil tried to stop Jesus before He was even born, so you better believe He is trying to do everything He can now to eliminate God from the public arena.  Satan knows that he cannot tackle a giant head on, so he starts by chipping away at its exterior and soft spots before making a large scale attack. 

What I am saying here is that Satan always works through subtlety and deception.  He is trying to remove anything to do with the true God out of society piece by piece.  He is trying to weaken the exterior of our faith so that he can get at the heart or foundation.

I tell you that banning Christmas is one of Satan’s key objectives today.  Sound a little far fetched?  If you believe that a ban on Christmas seems unrealistic, then you’d better think again. 

Many retailers won’t even use the word “Christmas” in their advertising or stores out of fear that they might offend non-Christians.  The public display of the nativity scene is being challenged in both Canada and the United States country wide.  Many cities have already banned the display from the city center where they used to be proudly shown.  A Christmas tree is now being called a “holiday” tree in many places, and even though it’s a secular symbol, it’s being removed from public areas simply because of its association with the Christian holiday.  Many schools are now banning Christmas plays, Christmas activities and songs in Christmas concerts that have anything to do with Jesus or the Bible. 

You may believe that these things sound trivial however we must recognize the potential that this anti-Jesus, anti-Christmas movement has.  You see, right now it’s Christmas, but next it will be Christ. 

The birth of Jesus Christ, the coming of our Savior to the earth to redeem mankind is why we Christians celebrate Christmas.  What meaning does this time of year have if we allow Christ to be taken out of Christmas?  We must see to it that the stores continue to promote Christmas, that the city squares continue to proudly display the nativity scene and that the schools continue to sing and proclaim the true message of hope: that Jesus Christ came to this earth that the work of sin would be destroyed and that those who believe in Him alone should receive the free gift of eternal life! 

We are the people of a society that has been built upon a Judeo-Christian foundation which supports and promotes Judeo-Christian principals.  Anyone who believes differently simply has not studied history or is deceived. 

How long will we allow others to come to our Nations and dictate to us what is and isn’t acceptable?  If I went to a Buddhist nation or an Islamic nation I would not expect for them to tear down their religious symbols because it offend me, the minority, even though I may be offended by them. 

Yes North America is the land of the free where you can come and practice your belief without persecution, however we must come to this understanding: the majority of people on this Continent claim to be Christian, hence this is a Christian land.

It therefore is not our obligation to promote every religion and consider them equal.  In a Christian land where the majority of people practice Christian values, it is not our duty and  is quite frankly a disservice to God for us to try and accommodate every other religion and belief system by minimizing and excluding our own.

If you live or come to this land you are free to choose what to believe, but do not think that you have any right to tear down the philosophy, beliefs, principals and observances of the majority to impose or include your own ideology.  You can believe whatever you want here, but that does not mean that we the people are obligated to promote your personal belief or make it equally recognized within our societies. 

That is not what the founding fathers intended and that is not how it should be.  If we continue to let what is happening in our Nations continue, oh what a dark day is on the horizon!

There is a light that has been placed inside each true believer, the light of Christ, and regardless of what is happening around us it is our duty to let our light continue to shine and penetrate the darkness.  If our societies give into the pressure of the enemy and tare down our Christmas symbols and shut off our Christmas lights then you let the light in you shine even brighter!  Do not ever let them extinguish that light that God has placed in you!  We desperately need to get on our knees and pray for Christmas.  Yes, we even need to fast for Christmas.

Go out of your way to wish someone a Merry Christmas.  Let it be known that it is Jesus who you celebrate during this time, not Santa Claus.  Share Christ’s love and let His name be proclaimed! 

I encourage you to boycott those retailers who refuse to use the word Christmas and replace it with holiday or other secular terminology.  Write letters of warning to the companies who refuse the promotion of Christmas.  In the same manner write letters of encouragement to those who promote Christmas in the proper manner.

As Christians we must pick and choose our battles wisely.  Let me assure you brothers and sisters that this is a battle worth fighting!

Merry Christmas! May the Lord give you wisdom and bless you abundantly

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