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"Open their eyes" - By Tim McMorris | Back to poems |

The wind blows by,
The sun shines brightly,
I look upon the world
And absorb how beautiful this place truly is.

Six days, just six days,
How mighty God must be,
For everything, and every earthly law,
Was made in that short time.

How much more then is in store in Heaven?
It’s very well worth the wait,
It’s worth living a life of righteousness,
To be standing at that heavenly gate.

When I think of eternal life, I smile,
It brings such joy to imagine a life with only peace
No anger, no hate,
No pain, no lies, no evil.
We will be made whole,
We will be made perfect.

The time is soon at hand,
When we will join God once again.
But until that time we must stand fast,
And defeat the evil of today.

We must save this world from the doom of Hell
We must open their eyes to our Lord
Many do not realize what is coming.
Many do not realize what’s in store.

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