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"God always has a plan" - By Karen Canadian flag

I want to submit a testimony and bring glory to God!

There is no one greater than God! First, I thank God for accepting me into His eternal plan. Second I thank Tim McMorris for pushing me to pursue God. Here's my story: It was God who pushed Tim to seek me. One day while working with Tim (in 2004) he told me that the Holy Spirit was moving him to speak with me.

The funny thing is Tim told me he was very tired that day from overworking and I knew he wasn’t in the mood to talk. The other funny thing was I was actually thinking about going back to church about two month’s prior to that day. God did not let up on Tim that day until he spoke with me, and got through to me how important it was to accept Jesus into my heart and life. Today I am a born again Christian and my life has changed for the better; I now have complete faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

It was March 30th, 2004 that Tim gave me a Bible and that is the day I was born again. On July 4th 2004 I was water baptized and that day I will never forget because I felt a love I have never felt before. I now know God has had a plan for me all along and I will devote my life and love to Him.

Thanks unto God and Tim McMorris at Believe Today Ministries, for without the two of you I would not be where I am today.

Bless you

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